Dominator DF-3

Expanding on the previous size, the DF-3 provides additional storage space by way of increased depth, while maintains the security features and solid 20mm steel door.

Available in 3 lock type options, the DF-3 offers efficient use of space and high levels of security in domestic and commercial installations.



US made LaGard digital locks or Australian made key locks as standard
5 solid steel locking bolts
Spring loaded relocking system
Hinged door with pneumatic lift assist
Recessed door allows flush mounting
Cover plate for concealing location
Durable powder coat finish
Reinforced base plate for secure installation
Solid 20mm thick steel door and reinforced framing


External dimensions 344mm h x 379mm w x 445mm d
Internal dimensions 336mm h x 371mm w x 385mm d
Weight 52kg
Capacity 47L
Internal Fittings n/a
Paint finish Textured black paint
Locking points5
Lock options LaGard Basic electronic, LaGard Group 2 mechanical combination or Ross 700 key lock
Securing provisions Flanged base plate for concrete or timber installation
Cash Rating$15,000 in an unsupported situation


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