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Locked Out?

Need a Helping Hand? That’s us! As Master Locksmiths,
and professionals with many years of industry experience,
Elite Lock Service can assist you with virtually any type of lock
or security issue, either in our workshop or through our fully-equipped,
mobile service vehicles. Locked car keys in your car?
Call us and we can help!

Our Commercial and Residential Service Include:


With our wide range of key blanks in stock, and utilizing the latest technology, we can:

Change your existing keys into “restricted” keys, that only you can get cut.
Do you need new car keys cut? Have you lost your keys and need a replacement car key? We cut and programme car keys with transponder (immobilizer) chips for most makes and models of cars, or can help you to replace broken key shells or heads, saving you time and money over getting new ones cut. Duplicate keys for safes, cars, homes, boats, motor bikes, trucks & equipment, and aircraft
Cut keys to code for vehicles, filing cabinets, etc


New car keys cut and programmed, while you wait, at a fraction of the normal cost!

If you need a spare key in a hurry, come to Elite.
All types of keys, including wave keys, duplicated or cut to code
If your existing key breaks, or needs a new shell, come to Elite.
Repair and service all types of automotive locks and keys
Replace flat batteries
Jared Sims, the principal of Elite Lock Service, and himself a Master Locksmith, explains: “Modern car keys contain a security transponder chip. You can’t just take your car key to your local key cutter and ask for a duplicate to be cut. At Elite Lock Service, we have invested in the most up-to-date programming technology to carry out this service. We can provide you with a new key, while you wait, programmed to work in your vehicle.”

With our technology, we can replace the “shells” of most keys, for most models and makes of cars, on the spot, at far less than the cost of getting a new key from a dealership.


Elite Lock Service is preferred contractor for many commercial builders, having carried out large-scale installation of locks in all types of buildings and homes.

We specialise in the installation of:

Electronic strikes, magnetic locks, drop bolts into any door frame
Electronic mortice locks & wire transfers, including core drilling, to all types of doors
Window locks
Patio bolts
Security screen door locks
In addition to the above, we have supplied and installed hundreds of locks in all situations. We are happy to advise on the best choice for your situation, and/or source new types as they become available. Some locks will not need to be replaced, we can repair door locks on site!


We can re-key almost any type of lock, for all types of vehicles, homes and commercial properties. Examples include:

Tenant has moved out and you need to change locks to the property?
Key-alike all locks in your home, so that one key fits all
Door lock repair
Keys stolen
Update/upgrade security


We manufacture all types of labels for minesite equipment, electrical gear, and safety equipment, in brass, plastic or stainless steel. We have the latest technology to rapidly turn out accurate labels for all commercial and trade applications.

Electrical tags
Power outlets with “RCD protected”, etc
Traffolyte labels, for switchboards, etc
Keys and key sets
All industrial applications
Collar tags for your pet dog or dinosaur


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